Product Design Intern

When: Jul 2017 - Nov 2017
Where: Los Angeles

Summer of 2017, I was lucky enough to match (ha!) with the amazing Product Design team at Tinder in Los Angeles.

Highlights include:

  • Tinder Reactions: I worked on the “Ball’s in your court!” reaction design and new report flag icon
  • Being the designer for Tinder Stamps, a project for the intern hackathon
  • Being the designer for a project for the employee hackathon
  • Working on revenue products (designing various paywall modals for A/B testing)
  • Contributing to the design of Tinder Web
  • Designing the logo for an upcoming feature

When I came into my internship, Project Tinder Reactions – a fun feature in the messenger designed to spark conversation and empower females – was well underway. I was lucky enough to see the whole product come into fruition. I spent a lot of time working closely with the designers throughout and got to experience the whole process, from sketching and creating mockups to meeting with the product manager and engineers.
Above are 4 of the reactions designed for female empowerment on the platform. I got to work on the final design of the “Ball’s in your court!” reaction, and the redesign of the report flag icon (which I was way too excited about).
Alongside Reactions, I worked on a variety of different projects, helping anyone on the design team with whatever animations, icons, prototypes or mockups that were needed. What I loved most was the collaborative environment of the product and design team – I was always more than welcome to grab someone’s sketch file and use it as a foundation to bring my own ideas to life.