When: Oct 2018 - present
Where:  Los Angeles, California

Urspace creates your personal website instantly with content from your professional platforms – LinkedIn, Github, Behance, and more to come. I've been working on urspace since October 2018 with my co-founders, Donald Morton and Emily Chung.


After two cycles of recruiting for internships and being invested in the tech community at USC and around LA, I knew the pain points of creating a personal website too well. Every year, I would groan at the thought of opening up wordpress, trying to remember all my login information, and dealing with the janky and slow loading interface to make updates to my portfolio site. When I met Donald and Emily, they had the idea for urspace, an automated portfolio website builder that would instantly pull content from your existing professional profiles. I loved the idea because I felt the need so deeply, and the three of us instantly felt a bond. Soon after, I jumped on board to work with them on our beta (which is what you see here now!)


Building a personal website is difficult and time consuming. It’s a tedious task to put all of your work onto a centralized place just to find a job, and to continue updating it as the years go by. Designers may not know how to code. Developers may not have the time or the creativity. Everyone else some combination or all of the above.
Urspace is one solution for all these problems. We understand the importance of a personal website, and the pains of making and updating one. A personal website showcases your skills, interests, and passions. It’s your personal platform to share yourself with the world, and it’s a channel that everyone should have access to.


Our vision is for urspace to be the one central place where all your professional content lives. It’s a visual and comprehensive professional hub, where your work speaks for itself. Currently, urspace builds beautiful personal websites quickly and easily (with one click 🙂
Users don’t have to worry about formatting content from Github, LinkedIn, Behance, or any other professional profile, because we aggregate all this data to build a customized personal website tailored to their industry and experience (users have the option of manually inputting information as well). Furthermore, the content you post regularly on your primary professional networks will automatically be updated into your urspace review, so all the headache that comes with constantly updating your personal site is alleviated.

Working in Progress

We launched our beta test for urspace in August 2019 with people who are deep in tech communities around LA and the Bay Area. It's been an accumulation of late night meetings after class, work, and club gatherings, and hundreds of unread texts when ideas go off. Our beta test is just the beginning. I’m so excited to be working on this and hope it can soon help some of my friends alleviate some of the stress of getting their professional sh*t together.